Meet The Team

Rachel Kreitz – Owner: Rachel comes to TLD with 18 years of experience in business management, accounts receivable and payable.  Rachel also works closely with the data integration team to oversee the workflow for the facility.  Her knowledge of best practices and problem solving ability brings an added boost to the team. Contact:

Bryan Kreitz – President of Business Development: Bryan started his 14 years in the industry as a CSR with The MedLeh Group before working his way up to account manager then Director of Electronic Services with EQD.  Bryan’s knowledge of electronic discovery as well as paper discovery helps bridge the gap for many of his clients.   Bryan’s mantra of “whatever it takes” can be seen as he has client that have trusted him for the entire 11 years in the industry.  Contact:  832.802.4680

Jason Salaman – Production Manager: With 15 years of experience in the paper and  Ediscovery field, Jason is highly qualified to help manage the day to day operations of the facility and work flow processes.  Jason helps with the intake of projects and has a great eye for quality control of projects before they head to the client.  832.802.4686

Daniel Cervantes – Account Manager:  For 4 years there is one person that we can count on to step up and help the clients out without having to ask twice.  If it needs to be done, Daniel is the man for the job.  He does not have the word “No” or “Can’t” in his vocabulary.  We are grateful to have his services here at Trinity Legal Discovery.  Contact:  832.802.4693

Julian Ramirez – CSR: Julian started TLD on the production side of the business.  He was able to quickly learn all the processes and became an important asset to our sales team.  Contact:  832.802.4694

Brandie Ramirez – Data Integrator: From the documents being scanned to creating a load file could not be accomplished without the help of this long time employee. Brandie’s ability to think outside the box on complicated issues has made her a solid piece of our success.  She has 8 years’ experience in the field of data integration.  Contact:  832.802.4689

Elizabeth Hernandez – Data Integrator:  Consistency is the name of the game with Liz. She has 14 years of experience in helping clients who are in need of quick turn type projects without letting them down.  She will work as long as she needs to make sure our clients are taken care of.   Contact:   832.802.4691


Accounts Receivables – 832.802.4696